Industries and Markets

Gulf works across numerous industries ranging from automotive and appliance to medical and water. We supply companies around the globe with parts designed to meet even the toughest requirements. Whatever your needs and challenges are, we are committed to making a difference to your business and improving your products.

Key clients

Key clients

Medical Device Component Manufacturer

Rubber and plastic compounds are the primary components in nearly all of the medical device components used in hospitals, medical facilities, and within the life-sustaining medical device components delivered to homes across the world.

Gulf is one of the very few global surgical grip and medical device component manufacturers with certified, quality-assured processes for sanitary, fluid-controlling and dispensing medical device components. And with the recent acquisition of SimLim Technic, Gulf has expanded its ability to create custom medical device components with liquid silicone injection methods, LSR rapid prototyping, and speed-to-market distribution.

medical device component gulf rubber and plastic


We engineer for the tight tolerances of tough specifications, low-energy consumption, extreme temperatures, chloramine exposure, and sustainability that are crucial in household appliances for today and in the future.

With over 40 years of experience as the rubber and plastics manufacturing solution for so many of the household brand appliance names, Gulf continues to improve its compounds, its manufacturing processes, and its ability to support the highest-quality product available.

Valves and Fluid Control

Gulf leads the industry in potable water management, creating valve and fluid control solutions for every application size, while ensuring certifications and quality assurance are met for each, and every country in the world.

Our expert engineering and design team work hand-in-hand with our global manufacturing facilities, creating the dynamic, long-lasting components that keep your product and brand name at the forefront of consumer quality.

Faucets and Cartridges

We engineer faucet and cartridge components that are more durable, require fewer parts, speed up production, and are more cost effective through cross-functional design expertise and rigorous endurance testing.

Learn more about Gulf’s custom rubber and plastic overmolding solutions, and how we can streamline your time-to-market with quality controlled, long-lasting polymer components.


Gulf’s product engineers and innovation team design pressure switch diaphragms that function in the harsh environment, including those of an HVAC system. As a pressure switch diaphragm manufacturer, we require an accurate and reliable product that has a stable switching response and can withstand overpressure conditions. Pressure switch diaphragms are also the most reliable options for applications across various industries where monitoring, controlling, and regulating pressure is essential.

Our in-house quality team ensures each and every manufactured and assembled product operates at the highest level, beyond many of the international standards for potable water and fluid management components.

Image of a pressure switch diaphragm manufactured by Gulf Rubber.


Gulf’s tailor-made polymers create a wide range of design opportunities that reduce emissions, are lightweight, weather resistant, and improve noise vibration for yours interior, exterior, powertrain and chassis.

Our industry-leading focus on precision-made rubber and plastic components let automotive manufacturers accelerate production of their vehicles parts without compromise. Learn more about our proprietary elastomer and polymer compounds and our efforts for global sustainability.


We produce key regulator and injector components for the world’s largest producers of LPG/CNG systems, and are at the forefront of designing and manufacturing components that meet the stringent requirements of the gas industry.

With the growing demand of alternative fuels, Gulf has deployed a series of efforts to develop high-performance components that seal and manage a range of liquid and gas fuels, without degradation or leaks. Connect with our sales team to learn more about our newest products in this market.

A water irrigation control manufactured by Gulf Rubber.

Pipes and Fittings

Gulf is a global partner for OEMs in the pipes and fittings industry, helping support engineered solutions for rubber and plastic components. Decades of experience make us the ideal manufacturing partner for potable water products, whether for compression or injection components or for overmolding and supporting a greater product.

One custom engineered product Gulf designs and manufactures is the TYTON gaskets. As a TYTON Gasket manufacturer, we understand the pivotal role this gasket plays in the pipes and fittings industry providing superior sealing solutions and ensuring leak-free operation and optimal performance.

Find out how we can help streamline production with your pipe and fittings projects, with a one-on-one consultation to help identify your processes, needs, and how we can provide additional value as a turn-key engineering and manufacturing solution.


We treat gray water products with the same high-precision focus as potable, and continue to maintain above industry-standard product quality for the rubber and plastic components that support water irrigation controls across the world. Gulf is a water irrigation controls manufacturer, and these components have emerged as indispensable tools in managing water usage effectively while optimizing crop yields, preserving resources, and reducing costs.

Gulf’s manufactured components can be found in residential and industrial sprinkler heads, in the compression fittings adjoining pipes through which the water moves, and in the plants that treat the water before it is pumped out to the public and private entities.

water irrigation controls

Industrial Applications

Gulf is a global manufacturer providing comprehensive components and sub-assemblies for OEMs across a vast amount of industries and markets. Our parts and products are made with highly durable, more flexible materials, providing greater reliability for demanding, high-impact industrial applications.

Whether you’re actively working through a complex project, or researching a rubber and plastics partner for a compression and injection rubber and plastic partner, Gulf is ready to help. Connect with our US-based sales and engineering team for a top-level consult to learn about our processes and capabilities.

Quality Assurance

Gulf’s team of engineers ensure all factories around the world meet quality standards required for ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications. All products go through rigorous analysis and testing on a range of metrics, including tensile and tear strength, stress relaxation, and compound rheology. Our stringent process controls use tools such as Poka-Yoke / Error-Proofing, Statistical Process Control (SPC), Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis (PFMEA) and automated inspection tools.

Other analytical tools include Design of Experiments (DoE), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Gauge R&R and 8D Problem Solving.

Custom Design Capability

Using DFMA (design for manufacture and assembly), we can help duplicate parts, improve existing parts, or develop new ones. In partnership with you, products are developed, tested, and delivered to streamline production and simplify your supply chain, often resulting in lower cost products and quicker delivery time.

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