Pressure compensating emitter diaphragms

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What makes Gulf PC emitter diaphragms different


From the constituent materials to the final stages of production, we can customise our products to suit different applications. Our diaphragms work with acidic irrigated water on farms as well as with recycled water in residential areas.

Precision engineering

We use compression and injection moulding technology in highly controlled conditions to manufacture our diaphragms. This allows us to achieve incredibly precise specifications, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

The specifications we work to include

  • coefficients of variation of typically less than 5%
  • a hardness range of +/- 1 durometer
  • dimensional tolerances of +/- 0.05mm for thickness and +/- 0.10mm for outer dimensions.    

Rigorous testing

We test our products to ensure good long term stress relaxation, little to no hardness variation, heat ageing, and ozone and chloramine resistance.

PC emitters drip precise amounts of water along irrigation drip lines, regardless of varying pressure caused by undulating terrain