Fabric reinforced diaphragms

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Gulf produces a range of fabric reinforced diaphragms, as well as rolling diaphragms and convoluted diaphragms, for applications in the automotive, industrial and water industries.


What makes Gulf fabric reinforced diaphragms different

Cutting edge technology

Gulf can draw on Tumedei’s 20 years of experience. As one of the global key manufacturers of fabric reinforced diaphragms, we are at the forefront of technological innovation. We can produce diaphragms bonded with either plastic and/or metal plates or inserts.

Range of materials

To reinforce the diaphragms, we use fabric materials such as polyester, polyamide, nomex, kevlar, carbon fibre and glass fibre. Materials with international drinking water approvals are available. The polymers we use include NR, SBR, NBR, EPDM, CR and VMQ Silicone.


Dimensional tolerances can be maintained below class M1 (ISO3302). Hardness can be maintained within +/-3 shore A (the normal hardness tolerance is +/-5 IRHD).


for applications in the automotive, industrial and water industries